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  • GrainTek - Conveyors

    GrainTek - Conveyors

    GrainTek's produces its own mid-range conveyors for horizontal or inclined installation. With hard wearing galvanised sheet construction they are a very practical solution for small and large farm use. Conveyors available in capacities of 40, 60, 80 and 100 t/h.

  • Alternative Cleaning Equipment

    Alternative Cleaning Equipment

    For more demanding aspirator style pre-cleaning we recommend Kongskildes KF series cleaner, available in capacities 12t/h, 20t/h, 40t/h and 60t/h. To achieve more thorough cleaning or grading, we recommend Denis rotary drum cleaners or SPC ''Aeromeh'' CAD separators.

  • Kongskilde - Conveyors and Elevators

    Kongskilde - Conveyors and Elevators

    For heavy duty conveyors and elevators we recommend Kongskilde's range of mechanical grain conveying equipment. Kongskilde conveyors feature large physical dimensions and slow chain speeds to reduce wear, horizontal conveyors also feature plasic flooring for additional wear protection. All machinery is available up to a maximum capacity of 120 t/h.