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  • Gramegna - Spading Machines

    Gramegna - Spading Machines

    Spading machines are agricultural machines designed for loosening and breaking up the soil. The principle is the same as that of digging by hand with a spade: blades are driven alternately into the soil, clods are lifted and thrown backwards, and the surface is levelled off by the action of a bar or rake. Spading machines are hitched to a tractor using the standard three point linkage and P.t.o. driven. There is no draft force involved as...

  • Gramegna - Model SB1 - Hole Digger

    Gramegna - Model SB1 - Hole Digger

    The SB1 hole digger is an absolutely new and patented innovation in the field of replanting vines and tree planting in general. In a minute it makes an ideal hole without compaction, with the same characteristics as one dug by hand with a spade. It hooks up behind the tractor via the standard three-point linkage with four hydraulic sockets.

  • Gramegna - Model ZA/86 - Automatic Rotary Hoes

    Gramegna - Model ZA/86 - Automatic Rotary Hoes

    The ZA/86 rotary hoe has been specially designed and engineered to cultivate inter-row and between individual plants simultaneously. This is the only hoe with automatic offset that utilizes a linear action feeler. With this system, the feeler of the ZA/86 maintains faultless control over the offset movement under any conditions. In particular, the implement operates without any need for manual intervention, even in long grass....

  • Model CS 4 - Inter-Row Power Harrows

    Model CS 4 - Inter-Row Power Harrows

    The Inter-row power harrow CS4 is a machine designed to work below vines, in particular for cases where vines are very close together (min. 60 cm). Thanks to its special features and exceptional sturdiness it can guarantee optimal work on any terrain.All models are equipped with hydraulic tilting of the implement, controlled from the driver’s seat.On request 3-rotor implement in place of 2-rotor version for working width of 65 cm instead of 45...

  • Model T2 - Shredder Mulchers

    Model T2 - Shredder Mulchers

    Even in the basic version, the T2 will be more than equal to the task of shredding weeds and pruning wood in vineyards and orchards. The T2 shredder/mulching machines is available with a fixed three point hitch or with a hydraulic offset mechanism operated from the driving position. The T2 can be used in combination with the D88 disc cutter or S92 strimmer attachment, enabling it to clear the inter-row and the spaces between plants simultaneously.

  • Model S 92 - Strimmer

    Model S 92 - Strimmer

    The TM9 Tool is a new concept can operate various types of machinery (disc mower, Weed-killing-tipping machine etc. ..) dell’interceppo for management in vineyards and orchards. The tool can only be mounted on the right side or on both sides. The location of the equipment varies in transverse direction by manual or alternatively by hydraulic device controlled by the driver’s seat. The nylon threads, in addition to eliminating the shoots...