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Gramegna company was established in 1960 by the Gramegna brothers Angelo, Nando and Valdo, who at that time had developed the first mechanical device for digging the soil, which indeed became known subsequently as a “vangatrice” (spading machine). Gramegna dedicated time and resources to improving the spading machine, with the result that the company today possesses enviable experience and is able to offer both hobbyists and agricultural concerns a product of high technical quality, capable of delivering impressive results. The company currently produces two other products: an automatic offset rotary hoe, and a shredder/mulcher with additional disc cutter and strimmer attachments. These machines, which went into production between 1969 and 1974, have achieved well-deserved, lasting success among implements for vineyards and orchards.

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Strada Pavese, 88 , Broni (PV) , 27043 Italy

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It was their awareness that this machine was to become so useful that convinced the Gramegna brothers to launch their own manufacturing company. In 1965, the first spading machine was officially presented at the 67th Agricultural Trade Fair in Verona, where it won an award for innovation. In the years that followed,

Today the Gramegna company is based just 60 km outside Milan, operating from extensive premises with factory space of 10,000 m², half of which is under cover.


With a permanent staff of 25 and a production unit comprehensively equipped with modern plant and machinery, most steps of the manufacturing process can be carried out internally.

The sales organisation is currently well-established not only in Italy, but also in several countries around the world where the company can rely on consolidated business relationships; as a result, Gramegna exports more than 60% of its annual production.