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  • Scales

  • Grain Cart Scales

    Grain Cart Scales

    Typical accuracy is ½ of 1%. Load grain trucks up to the legal limit. Allows checking crop yields on the fly. Can be used to calibrate yield monitors.

  • Seed Tender Scales

    Seed Tender Scales

    Maximizes seed handling efficiency. Simple and easy to operate. Rugged durability. Scale Accuracy to 99.75%Can be installed on virtually any brand of seed tender.

  • Precision Planting - Yieldsense

    Precision Planting - Yieldsense

    Pass by pass, you compare hybrids, find management zones and look for ways to improve next year. Yield monitors today give you numbers but lack the accuracy that drives better decisions. Current technology falls short. Hybrids change and you get varying results. Test weights change and you get varying results. When speed changes, so does the mass of grain passing the flow sensor, and you get varying results. Time of day, morning dew, weed seeds...

  • BullsEye - Seed Tubes

    BullsEye - Seed Tubes

    In ordinary tubes, seeds can bounce off the tube wall, creating spotty spacing and lowering yield. Match your Precision Meters or eSet with BullsEye® seed tubes. Their offset sensors won’t snag seed and delay its drop. And they long outlast other tubes, so you can put those early replacement dollars back in your pocket.

  • Keeton - Seed Firmers

    Keeton - Seed Firmers

    Only Keeton can firm the seed to the bottom of the trench. A thin piece of plastic slides down the seed trench, trapping seeds as they exit the seed tube and firming them into the bottom of the 'V.' In fact, the Keeton Seed Firmer is the only device that can contact the seed for true firming performance.

  • WaveVision - Seed Sensors

    WaveVision - Seed Sensors

    You depend on the accuracy of your seed sensors for measuring population, seed spacing, skips and doubles. But optical sensors have four big problems: Dust looks just like seeds, Doubles look like singles, Dust coats the eyes, They mount at the middle of the seed tube. WaveVision eliminates these problems and provides good clean information to your monitor. It sees mass, not shape. So doubles look like doubles. The radio waves also see through dust....