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  • Closing Systems

  • Dual Rubber Closing Wheels

    Dual Rubber Closing Wheels

    Standard closing system option. Performs well in normal soil conditions, but can struggle in wet, dry or heavy soil.

  • Meters

  • Precision Finger Meters

    Precision Finger Meters

    Precision Finger meters are specifically adapted to achieve maximum performance possible in a finger meter. With proper set up, the Precision Finger Meter should achieve 98.4+% singulation.

  • Planter Parts

  • IntelliRow - Lower Row Unit

    IntelliRow - Lower Row Unit

    Complete lower row unit with cast shank. Includes shank, 3.5mm x 15' seed openers, one-piece tungsten seed scrapers, quick-adjust gauge wheel arms, walking gauge wheels with 4.5' x 16' tires, quick adjust V-closing wheel cast arm with 1' x 12' rubber tires, parallel linkage with bushings, 7' x 7' mounting u-bolts. Black powder coat paint. Available with or without sheet hopper mount sheet metal.

  • Planter Control

  • Speed Tube

    Speed Tube

    A new type of seed tube that allows for faster planting speeds. The tube contains a flighted belt that delivers each seed accurately to the seed trench, even at high speeds. Speed tube is compatible with vSet meters, driven by vDrive. Speed tube allows you to plant at higher speeds with accurate seed spacing, but does not eliminate the other issues of fast planting speed. Faster speed creates challenges including problems with planter ride, downforce,...

  • Row Cleaners

  • Row Cleaners

    Row Cleaners

    Floating row cleaners with treader wheels are highly recommended for the most consistant cleaning and the least disruption of the soil. GRPP can source the correct row cleaner for your operation's residue management needs. Fixed and floating models are available in Martin, Yetter, and Dawn versions.