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  • Cattle Ranch Corral System

    Cattle Ranch Corral System

    Cattle Ranch Corral System. A curved cattle handling sytem work on the principle that cattle always prefer to return to where they came from.  Cattle in the wide curved lane on the right side of the photo move willingly towards the crowd pen in the center.   From the crowd pen cattle then move into the single file chute on the left side of the photo towards the squeeze(crush) chute.  Off the center of the crowd pen is bboth a large...

  • Research Feed Yard System

    Research Feed Yard System

    Colorado state University Cattle Research Station(ARDEC). This facility is a good model for a small to medium sized feed yard handling system. the radius for the wide curved lane is 20-feet(6.5m). The solid sided wide curved lane hold approximately 50 cattle.  Cattle move through the curved lane into the crowd pen.  From the crowd pen cattle can enter into the single file chute(race) to the squeeze chute, ot from the crowd pen onto a...

  • Large Cattle Slaughter Plant

    Large Cattle Slaughter Plant

    Half circle concrete crowd pen is large cattle slaughter plant.  A single file chute 30-inch (76.20cm) wide and 66-inches high (167cm) is used. The roudn crowd pen is efficient because it takes advantage of the natural tendency of cattle to go back where they came from.

  • Three Way Gate System

    Three Way Gate System

    The gated for a three-way gate system are hinged on separate posts. The posts are welded together with rails for stability.