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  • Ferrari - Model FMAX - Tobacco Planter

    Ferrari - Model FMAX - Tobacco Planter

    Continuous planting with walkway for a man to refill trays. Rocker style carousel. Largest parallel linkage on the market. Self cleaning kickers. Wide pneumatic drive wheel. Adjustable firming wheel for variable. Vertical position of plant.

  • Precision Leaf Loading System

    Precision Leaf Loading System

    The Electric Precision Leaf Loader fills a barn in less than an hour. With all electric motors, it takes 20% less electricity to operate than the previous hydraulic machines. As always, our Leaf Loader spreads your tobacco evenly into your boxes for better curing. We offer multiple size transition conveyors ranging from 16’ to 32’. The transition conveyor breaks up your tobacco to ensure good leveling by the...

  • Two Row Stripper Harvester

    Two Row Stripper Harvester

    Equipped to withhold the toughest conditions, our Harvester can pull a full box barn in one hour. The durable, razor sharp cutter bars precisely remove leaves from the tobacco stalk. Synchronize your stainless-steel cutter bars with our new ground drive kit.

  • Long Haul for Continuous Belt Trailers

    Long Haul for Continuous Belt Trailers

    We offer a variety of continuous belt trailers in a an array of sizes to fit your needs. Our narrow trailers have a 74” wheel base and come in lengths of 24’, 28’ and 32’. Granville wide body trailers come in 24’, 28’, 32’ 38’ and 42’ with pull type or gooseneck hitches.

  • High-Capacity Cured Leaf Cleaning Systems

    High-Capacity Cured Leaf Cleaning Systems

    Utilizing a variety of conveyors, tumblers, and balers for better bales. Our baling and cleaning systems range in price depending on your needs. The Turbo Cleaner gently cleans your tobacco by air and rotation speed. Removing sand and black tobacco from leaves resulting in cleaner tobacco. The Turbo Cleaner breaks tobacco up in an even flow allowing for easier picking so undesirable tobacco does not end up in your bales. The Turbo Cleaner is highly...