GrassWorks Manufacturing is America’s Largest Manufacturer and World-Leading Innovator of Rotating Weed Wipers. GrassWorks Weed Wipers and GrassWorks Hydraulic Hay Bale Handler are just two of the products that GrassWorks Manufacturing produces to better manage hay. GrassWorks Manufacturing, LLC and employees have over 40 years of combined experience in the farming and manufacturing industry. Our farming experience ranges from commercial hay and grazing operations to truck farming, which provides us with many years of “on-the-farm” knowledge of financing, marketing, and harvesting crops, animals and produce – all through hard work.

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8703 E Farm Road 80 , Strafford , Missouri 65757-8356 USA

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Nationally (across the country)

We feel our Grassworks Weed Wiper™ is an extremely efficient and economical tool for any operation that has weed problems.

  • Weed Management System
  • Fast, Effective and Effecient
  • No Drip…………..No Drift

The GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ system is an aggressive, yet economical and environmentally-friendly method of applying herbicides to control weeds in hay and pasture, row cropping, food plots, wildlife habitat establishment, truck farming, horticulture, turf grass, and vegetation management.