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Grecav is established in the middle of an industrial region in the heart of the “Pianura Padana”, where design and production of agricultural machinery and vehicles are the core business since the past times: a very tradition dating back to more than one hundred year, that took place in a production pole where are concentrated a spread peculiar culture, sophisticated engineering, excellent resources and the most advanced industrial technologies applied to the automotive business.

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via A. Guerrieri, 28 , Gonzaga (MN) , 46023 Italy

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Founded in 1964 from the merging into two companies, the former specialized in mechanics for agriculture, the latter in the production of vehicles bodies, in sheet steel processing and mechanical components, Grecav has improved those skills which have always been the major company’s power, thus becoming a reference and a tradition so far.

Since the ‘70ies throughout the ‘90ies Grecav specialised as OEM manufacturer of commercial vehicles (Iveco and Piaggio above all) and gained experience enough to enter the segment of light 4-wheel cycles.

EKE, the only mini car integrally made of aluminium was launched in the market in 2000 as a vehicle revolutionizing the basic concept of the 4-wheel cycles, more and more similar to the cars. Ten years later GRECAV presents SONIQUE, a product that is the synthesis of 20 years’ experience in the sector with the global quality that distinguishes the Company products since the very beginning.