Green Farming is a program that aims to connect the horticultural networks of The Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia by setting up joint activities, projects or co-operations in the areas of research, development and production. The Dutch horticultural sector is an innovative industry with high standards of excellence throughout the world. Its know-how and expertise has grown and developed gradually in the past few decades and is now also available to Kenya and Ethiopia. Green Farming combines Dutch technology and experience with the specific production needs of Kenya and Ethiopia, so that totally custom-made product and service packages, including on-farm training programs, maintenance and service cycles can be offered. Green Farming focuses on providing solutions for profitable and sustainable business results.

Company details

Business Type:
Professional association
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The Green Farming consortium consists of approximately 25 leading companies in horticulture technology and WageningenUniversity and Research Centre, which supports the program and is actively involved on the level of research and knowledge transfer. The program is coordinated by AVAG, a Dutch representative of joint Dutch horticultural suppliers and DLV Plant, active in advisory for the international agribusiness. The Dutch Ministry of International Trade and Development Cooperation supports the program in close cooperation with the Dutch Embassies in Nairobi and Addis Ababa.

Program Pillars
The two main pillars of the program are
  • Holland Branding: demonstration of the possibilities and advantages of the implementation of a higher level of technology in products and services from The Netherlands in Kenya and Ethiopia
  • Develop sustainable production systems in close cooperation with local partners that are economically and environmentally sustainable, that meet CSR demands and are adjusted to local requirements and conditions
Themes within the Program
All activities on the levels of business-to-business and government-to-government will be realted to one or more of the 5 main themes of the program. Groups of members and Kenya and Ethiopian parties can jointly become active on a certain theme that fits their business profiles. The 5 main themes are:
  • WaterManagementIrrigation, recirculation, water storage and treatment, substrate cultivation
  • Crop ManagementCultivation systems, crop protection, IPM, starting material (young plants, seeds) and propagation
  • Climate and EnergyClimate management, sustainable energy (solar, biomass, geothermal)
  • Post Harvest and LogisticsPost harvest procedures and treatments, import & export, transport and ICT
  • Research and Knowledge ExchangeStudies, seminars, capacity building, joint research and testing
Program Content
Green Farming has a budget to organise a broad spectrum of activities to until July 2013. The activities include:
  • Information studies, focussing on detailed market research, technology, logistics, juridical, fiscal or environmental topics
  • Collective representation and joint visits to exhibitions in both The Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia
  • (Technical) Seminars on various topics that are related to the program
  • Hiring of local advisors
  • Demonstration project in which the possibilities and advantages of the implementation of the higher level or adapted technology in products and services from The Netherlands can be demonstrated in Kenya or Ethiopia
  • Incoming and outgoing trade missions for Kenyan, Ethiopian or Dutch parties
During the course of the program projects on the level of government-to-government will be initiated as well, based on the input of members companies. The most important components of the projects on G-to-G level will be knowledge transfer, capacity building and bilateral cooperation.