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  • Model 3 in 1 Zero - forage wagon

    Model 3 in 1 Zero - forage wagon

    The heart of the Green Forage System is the Bonino Forage Wagon. The unique design allows the crop to be cut, collected and fed out using one machine, thereby obviating the need for numerous operations, which tie up more than one tractor and possibly more labour. The machine is essentially a standard forage wagon with a two drum rotary mower attached. Feeding out can be from a raised rear tailgate or a cross conveyor feeding directly into a trough or...

  • Feed Mixers

    Feed Mixers

    The Bonino feed mixers are based on a simple design of horizontal augers which shred the various ingredients against a series of knives in the base of the machine to produce an even mix of material. The machines can be fitted with side mounted elevators for varying trough heights and weigh sensors to give you the perfect machine to meet the exacting requirements of UK stock farmer.The Bonino company are a widely respected manufacturer of specialist...

  • Greenforag - Agricultural and Industrial Trailers

    Greenforag - Agricultural and Industrial Trailers

    TF Fattori have been manufacturing a wide range of trailers from large 20 tonne flatbeds to small stock trailers for over 30 years. Renowned for the strength and ability to stand up to the toughest conditions, the company are proud to be part of a strong Italian engineering tradition. The constant pursuit of quality of the various components, robustness combined with the lightness of the structure and the particular care of the finish are the keys of...