Based in Southern Michigan, Green Manufacturing, Inc. created a name in the industry 20 years ago when we invented the first indexable stump cutting tooth, Greenteeth. In addition to teeth & pocket systems, Green Manufacturing, Inc. also offers cutting wheels for many of the popular stump grinders on the market and are constantly working to add more to that list. Green Manufacturing Inc. strives to provide a high quality product with a green initiative. We design our products to work smoother and faster, decreasing the time & energy spent on each stump. Using the latest technology and sophisticated CNC machining equipment, our products are proudly made in the USA, and shipped worldwide.

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The Greenteeth story started with very humble beginnings in the mid 1990's in a small town in Michigan. Kevin Green, an established arborist, and a friend were fed up with having to remove the pockets to change the teeth on their stump grinders. They decided to do something about it.

The two turned some scrap steel into the shape of a Greenteeth tooth and attached a round carbide tip to the end of the shank. They then made the pockets from steel plate. The pockets were then fitted onto a stump cutter wheel, and the teeth bolted into the pockets. On a beautiful crisp, clear February morning with temperature hovering around 15 degrees fahrenheit, they tried out their new invention. And wow! The chips flew! Even with frost more than a foot & a half deep, the new teeth cut the stump and frozen ground like butter. It worked - they had succeeded in their quest to invent a new tooth and pocket.

The new invention was named Greenteeth and was first introduced to the world with square pockets. The Greenteeth were unique as they could be turned three times to give three sharp edges before they had to be removed for sharpening.

Shortly thereafter the pockets were made round based on the feedback from customers, and Greenteeth were accepted and sold worldwide - USA, Canada, Europe and even Australia and New Zealand.

After some more feedback from customers, the round pocket was deemed too big and the tooth was too small. The big pockets were rubbing against the stump, robbing engine horse power. So, the Greenteeth engineers set out to redesign the tooth and pocket. After almost two years of research, design, and testing, the new LoPro tooth and pocket system were introduced.

The LoPro pocket design has a much larger clearance between the edge of the pocket and the cutter so that all the engine power is used for cutting the stump instead of rubbing the pockets like on the old round pocket design. Once introduced, the new LoPro series worked so well that the old round pockets and small teeth were discontinued. Today the LoPro series of Greenteeh is setting the standard worldwide.