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  • Roadside and Forestry

  • Menart - Scraper-loader

    Menart - Scraper-loader

    The MENART scraper-loader is tractor-adaptable allowing you to level roadsides continuously.

  • Menart - Mechanical De-weeder

    Menart - Mechanical De-weeder

    The Ménart mechanical de-weeder is used anywhere where earth and vegetation obtrude roadsides, riverside pathways and path edges.

  • Kirogn - Pruner

    Kirogn - Pruner

    With strength gained over fifty years of experience, the Kirogn company has been able to develop its know-how by constantly listening to market needs.

  • Rousseau - Flail Mowers

    Rousseau - Flail Mowers

    Two ranges of weeders (for public and agricultural work), a range of deported machines and a range of large-width shredders allow the client to find the machine which is most adapted to their needs amongst the 40 available models. Rousseau is the inventor of the weeder and celebrates its fiftieth birthday in 2012. It has been a market leader since its creation and produces an average of 1,000 machines per year. Highly specialised in its domain, this...

  • Orenge - Cradle Lifts

    Orenge - Cradle Lifts

    ORENGE is one of the rare constructors to develop cradle lifts to be fitted onto horticultural and agricultural tractors. They offer no less than 11 cradle lift models for heights between 7 and 32 metres.

  • Menart - Stump Grinder

    Menart - Stump Grinder

    For occasionnal and intensive tree stump work, the DMS work on the same principle as a carbon tool disc, whittling away the stump with successive grinding. Two disc diameters are available. Different models are offered.

  • Menart - Rail Mower

    Menart - Rail Mower

    MENART’s spinning rail mower has been developed in order to trim road and motorway barriers effectively, quickly and safely.

  • Pezzolato - Branch Axes

    Pezzolato - Branch Axes

    PEZZOLATO S.p.A. was created in 1976 and quickly earned its place as world leader thanks to the efficiency of its products. The increasing success of this company is due to its three production lines, its large mechanical study office focusing on the creation of all machines, the attention it pays to client needs and the sizeable amount of turnover invested into research and development programmes. To this day, PEZZOLATO S.p.A., with its two factories...

  • Menart - Specific Equipments

    Menart - Specific Equipments

    MENART, with the strength gained after fifty years of experience, listens to its partners and can meet their demands.