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  • Recycling and Composting

  • Menart - Windrow Turners

    Menart - Windrow Turners

    MENART turners have proven themselves in all types of material and in the most extreme work conditions: green waste, household waste, polluted soils, agro-industrial residue, animal evacuation.

  • Menart - Rotary Screens

    Menart - Rotary Screens

    Ménart offers a wide range of mobile and stationary rotary screens which allow the client to find the most effective and appropriate machine for each work site.

  • Roadside and Forestry

  • Menart - Scraper Loader

    Menart - Scraper Loader

    The MENART scraper-loader is tractor-adaptable allowing you to level roadsides continuously.

  • Menart - De-Weeder

    Menart - De-Weeder

    The Ménart mechanical de-weeder is used anywhere where earth and vegetation obtrude roadsides, riverside pathways and path edges.

  • Menart - Stump Grinder

    Menart - Stump Grinder

    Stump Grinder for occasionnal and intensive tree stump work, the DMS work on the same principle as a carbon tool disc, whittling away the stump with successive grinding. Two disc diameters are available.

  • Menart - Rail Mower

    Menart - Rail Mower

    After one or two sweeps the security rails and signposts will be perfectly cleared of all vegetation. The slim mower head can be slid under security barriers, even in tight spaces. Its spring-based parallelogram suspension unit allows it to follow the contours of the land lightly and to mow around obstacles. Adaptable to all strimmer arms in place of a shredding unit, the machine requires very little power, is positioned in full...

  • Menart - Specific Equipments

    Menart - Specific Equipments

    MENART has always been committed to customer service. This, coupled with the fact that we have become a specialist in road servicing, means that our company makes it a point of honour to find solutions to every specific need.