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  • Let the kids go wild outdoors

    Let the kids go wild outdoors

    A number of international studies have shown that children in developed nations spend an average of 55 hours a week indoors using electronics. Even though this means that the youth in these countries are techno-savvy, it often results in them ...

  • Ushering in new age controls for age old pest problems

    Ushering in new age controls for age old pest problems

    Our gardens are our wonderlands, oases and refuges - green islands in a sea of concrete, brick, and tar. They act as creative outlets where we can unwind and relax. They are also safe havens, where our kids and pets can let loose. But even though ...

  • Volunteer vacation destinations

    Volunteer vacation destinations

    The benefits of taking a holiday are well-known: They can reduce stress, rekindle relationships and rejuvenate body and mind. But the break from your 9 to 5 routine can also benefit the world around you. Around the globe there are opportunities to ...

  • Getting kids to eat green

    Getting kids to eat green

    Kids love food, but it`s not always the tasty treats that are good for them or the earth. Fatty, sugary, salty and processed foods generally have more of an environmental impact than eats of the fresh, locally produced variety. It is therefore ...

  • Green catering tips

    Green catering tips

    It`s that time of the year again - party time. Whether it`s St Patrick`s Day, Easter, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Hanukkah, we all enjoy letting our hair down and having fun with friends and family! And with these ...