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  • Greenhouses

  • GreenGro - Vertical Systems

    GreenGro - Vertical Systems

    Vertical systems; a process that controls space and light to increase plant yields. Better to use an entire space, rather than just upward space for growing plants. Indoor vertical gro rooms can be designed for any space, from as small as a closet to as large as an entire building. In an indoor environment, the space must have growing efficiency and maximum light coverage. Growing plants have changing light needs and a good lighting system maximizes...

  • GreenGro  - Blackout System

    GreenGro - Blackout System

    Maximize your business potential by controlling light cycles and deciding when to harvest. 30 by 120 automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse starting at $34,900 plus accessories, fans, wet wall, and heating units controllers. Lower labor costs with fully automated light deprivation systems. Manage heating, cooling, humidity and lighting with included programmable controller. Includes multiple exhaust and airflow fans for each kit...