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  • Ipomoea Plant

    Ipomoea Plant

    ‘South of the Border Chipotle’ is a dramatic filler for container combinations. It grows to 8 inches tall and spreads up to 18 inches. This ipomoea performs best in full to part sun in baskets and containers.

  • Torenia Plant

    Torenia Plant

    With a delicate appearance and trailing habit, ‘Solarina Pink Veil’ has profuse and continuous flowering. Flowers are pink with dark pink throats. This variety is ideal for hanging baskets.

  • Compact Flourescent Lamp

    Compact Flourescent Lamp

    HighMax Horticulture Lamps are designed to optimize plant growth and reduce operating costs for greenhouses and indoor commercial farms. They helps plants germinate, develop and flower by concentrating radiation on the spectra of light that stimulate photosynthesis.

  • Pressure Sensor

    Pressure Sensor

    The new Sensaphone Pressure Sensor is ideal for commercial growers to measure and detect loss of pressure in irrigation, sprinkler and mister systems. It monitors for pump problems such as breaks and obstructions as well as malfunctioning pipes, valves and filters. The sensor sends real-time pressure data to the Sensaphone system for data acquisition and alarming.