Greenport Holland International (GHI)

Greenport Holland International (GHI)

The Greenport Holland International Foundation (GHI) is an independent organisation, founded by the private companies in the Dutch horticultural sector. It’s a horticultural partnership of the Dutch private sector, knowledge institutes and government. GHI’s mission is to enhance the quality of international horticulture through successful international horticultural projects.

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Bezuidenhoutseweg 12 , AV Den Haag , 2594 Netherlands

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Event organizer
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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

The world is entering a state of great changes and challenges. In the year 2050, 9 billion people have to be provided with healthy vegetables and fruit, grown in a safe environment. Durability, food security, safety and urbanization are key elements for a well-established food production, strong supply chains and durable use of resources like water, energy and raw materials.

The Dutch horticulture sector is leading the way with the innovation of intensifying the agriculture (food security and food safety), efficiency (more with less) and the organisation of refrigerated supply chain (cooperated chains). Therefore there are plenty of opportunities abroad for the Dutch businesses to increase earnings by being locally present at projects, exporting products, knowledge and technique as well as international production.

Greenport Holland International (GHI) supports the Dutch companies with internationalisation by helping them enter markets in various countries worldwide. Together with the Dutch horticultural businesses we strive to become a hub with a vast and active network in these countries, to develop existing projects and pursue opportunities for new projects. The role of GHI serves as an impartial platform and coordinator on behalf of companies. We take on activities to develop markets and try to match projects born from knowledge institutions and governments.

GHI is mainly focussing their attention on China, Russia, India and South Africa. We also maintain an overview of possible new markets which might be an addition to businesses. The four main tasks are:

  1. One stop: GHI collects and organises various reports and research files concerning a specific country, which is relevant and valuable for Dutch entrepreneurs. In addition, GHI is positioning itself abroad and increases the accessibility of the Dutch horticultural sector.
  2. Marketing and communication: Positioning Dutch businesses by facilitating seminars
  3. Business Openers: Establishing and expanding our network, pursue opportunities, matching various programs of knowledge institutions with programs of governments.
  4. Business Development: Implementing projects commissioned by a consortium.