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  • MultiFlex - Drill Harrow

    MultiFlex - Drill Harrow

    One Wingfield folding drill harrow frame will fit most drills, including the new, pull-type NO-TIL drills. Different mounting brackets are used to install this totally adjustable frame with minimal time and effort. The Wingfield drill sections are four rows of tines, and are mounted on a height-adjustable, three foot deep frame. This frame gives the operatoor control of harrow height. This is important under marginal conditions with heavy residue. A...

  • MultiFlex - Mole Renovator

    MultiFlex - Mole Renovator

    The B-33 Mole Knife is matched with the Clymer Utility Coutler for excellent residue clearance. The Clymer Coulter cuts the residue and the B-33 Mole Knife will loosen the most compacted soil to a depth of 4 - 8' allowing water and air to soak into the soil upon contact. This reduces runoff that creates erosion. The Mole Knives are protected with sheer bolts even in rocky conditions.