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  • Forwarders

  • Gremo - Model 1350VT - Forwarder

    Gremo - Model 1350VT - Forwarder

    The Gremo forwarder 1350VT is equipped with a continously working and variable speed hydrostatic transmission called Gre- VT (Grevete). Gre- VT is another leap forward in technology that Gremo has been the first to introduce on forestry machines. The unique transmission cuts the working cycles and by that increases performance and profibility. The hydrostat pump drives two hydrostat motors mechanically connected to the cardan shaft via a gearbox.

  • Harvester Heads

  • Model SP 561 LF - Harvester head

    Model SP 561 LF - Harvester head

    The SP 561 LF is a high-performance all-round harvester head. It is designed according to the LF principle for maximum productivity. The SP 561 LF is specifically designed for varied jobs and offers very good characteristics all the way from first thinning to medium final cut. The compact measurements in combination with a perfect delimbing down to 30mm make sure that the first thinning can be done fast and efficient with the highest quality. In final...