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  • Gremo - Model 1050F - Forwarder

    Gremo - Model 1050F - Forwarder

    Gremo 1050F is a further development of the successful forwarder 950F which has been market-leading in Sweden for over a decade in the 'Small-Class-Forwarders'. With the introduction of 1050F we grow one size which will make it more lucrative for you as the owner.

  • Gremo - Model 1350VT - Forwarder

    Gremo - Model 1350VT - Forwarder

    The Gremo forwarder 1350VT is equipped with a continously working and variable speed hydrostatic transmission called Gre- VT (Grevete). Gre- VT is another leap forward in technology that Gremo has been the first to introduce on forestry machines. The unique transmission cuts the working cycles and by that increases performance and profibility. The hydrostat pump drives two hydrostat motors mechanically connected to the cardan shaft via a gearbox.

  • Gremo - Model 1450F - Forwarder

    Gremo - Model 1450F - Forwarder

    The Gremo 1450F is a strong and flexible forwarder in the 14 tons class. Like its popular brothers, the 1450F easily makes its way on any ground. The 1450F is equipped with Gre-Vt. A novelty eagerly asked for by the market and for the first time introduced by Gremo.

  • Gremo - Model 750F - Gremo Forwarder

    Gremo - Model 750F - Gremo Forwarder

    Gremo 750F is a small forwarder designed for comfort and a low unladen weight. With a high level of comfort and exceptional operating reliability all types of thinning are profitable for you as the user. This lightweight and resourceful forwarder is perfect for all types of thinning work. Wetlands are no obstacle – just fit the bogie tracks front and back and the machine will just drive on. 750F has a powerful Cummins engine featuring...