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  • Disks Mowers

  • Rear Drawn Mowing Machine

    Rear Drawn Mowing Machine

    A deep knowledge of mowing problems together with a continual search for a new solutions,permit us to present the new disc-mower GS ROTOR  and  disc-mower-conditioners GS  FLC  that are an happy blend of high cutting power and great economy of use. All your requirements will be  well satisfied by using of the GS ROTOR and GS FLC provided with special wedge-shaped section of the bar and the advances position of the rotor...

  • Double - Guards

  • Double - Guards

    Double - Guards

    In Gribaldi & Salvia the productive cycle relative to the production of double guards for mowers, motorized mowers and harvester-combines is totally made in our  factory departments  and can be summarized in four operational stages.

  • Reciprocating Mowers

  • Rear-Drawn Mowing Machine

    Rear-Drawn Mowing Machine

    All our mowers are manufactured in our factory and with materials of the finest quality subjected to sophisticated heat treatments. The completely computerized design, the continual research and experiments carried out on prototypes ensure an high quality standard, further heightened by scrupulous tests carried out on every machine.  Our  GS SUPERIOR was the FIRST  double system mouvement cutter-bar with double-guards and mobile ...