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  • Potato Systems/Cultivation

  • Model GF-Series - Rotary Hiller

    Model GF-Series - Rotary Hiller

    The expectations of cultivators are very high, as their intensive soil cultivation requires consistency and reliability. At the same time, they are expected to work smoothly and cultivate large areas.The GF-Series Rotary Hiller offers you these benefits. They intensively cultivate the soil while destroying annoying clods. The soil becomes loose and can be used for ridge forming and is the basic for a harvest with a higher yield.Further these Rotary...

  • Model RT300 - Cultivator Rota Tiller

    Model RT300 - Cultivator Rota Tiller

    Grimme Rota Tilla 300 cultivator. Cultivation for potatoes is not easy on heavy lands. Traditional cultivators do not crumble the soil fine enough and multiple journeys across the field compact the soil. With the RT 300 many tines crumble the soil with a minimum of ground pressure.For front attachment the machine is kept with a large roller on the ground. At the rear the shaping board forms well-shaped ridges so the tractor does not refasten the...

  • Model GH-Series - Ridging Hiller

    Model GH-Series - Ridging Hiller

    The GH-Series Ridging Hiller for all conditions. The GH Ridging Hiller is available for 2, 4 or 6 rows and can be adjusted for various row widths. An all-rounder: the double toolbar consists of a robust welded frame, onto which a choice of ridging bodies, discs or tines can be fitted. Another benefit is the ridgit construction - even under high loads.

  • Model GH-Eco - Ridging Hiller

    Model GH-Eco - Ridging Hiller

    For weed protection without chemicals and ridge building simultaneously Grimme has developed the 2- and 4-row Eco Ridging Hiller which is constructed around a strong frame.Weed control is achieved using cutter elements fitted to the frame and parallelograms guided via feeler wheels. The knifes adopt an independent position to each other by the changing ridge shapes and with this mechanism ensures precise cutting of the weeds. The cutting system...