Grober Nutrition USA

Grober Nutrition USA

Grober Nutrition. We are a proud Canadian and family-owned business. From a modest beginning in the early 1970′s, Grober has grown from a singular animal nutrition company to a dynamic agribusiness. Our high quality standards and investment in continuous research has cemented Grober Nutrition as an international supplier of excellent feeds. With Grober, we’re here to help you, RIGHT FROM THE START!

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5327 Watson Road , Elba , 14058 New York, USA
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Grober Nutrition Celebrates 40 Years

40th-logoGrober is a Canadian and family-owned business. From a modest beginning in the early 1970′s, Grober Brand and Special Fed Veal have grown steadily together. Continuous research based on our original quality standards has made Grober Nutrition an International supplier of high quality feeds today. Moreover, we have grown from an animal nutrition company to a dynamic agribusiness.

Jerry Bartelse, President of the Grober Group of Companies, moved to Canada from his native Netherlands in 1974. At that time he founded the Grober Group of Companies in the Cambridge, Ontario area. Initially Grober Nutrition was a one man operation; Jerry would purchase ingredients, mix the product and make deliveries. Today his company, a wholly owned independent private enterprise, has over 300 employees. He has established companies that add value to the dairy industry—from animal nutrition, to farming and meat, and to sports nutrition. Grober Nutrition now has business operations in Ontario, Quebec, and New York State, with sales of products from these divisions spanning the globe.

Since 1974, Grober Nutrition has been committed to raising the bar in young animal rearing. In 1985 Grober Nutrition/Delft Blue was the first in North America to successfully develop and implement group housing for veal calves. Today, that concept is gaining traction in North America heifer raising.

The business continues to flourish and more diversification is taking place. While Jerry recognizes the importance of the past his philosophy is to look forward and not back, “because what is relevant is the future”.

Grober Nutrition is now a leading manufacturer of milk replacers and milk-based feeds that are designed to enhance the genetic potential of calves, lambs, kid-goats, piglets and foals. Combined with 40 years of manufacturing, along with our own experience raising over 100,000 calves a year, and our commitment to industry, academia and producers, we are passionate about nutrition, feed management, housing and manufacturing technologies…RIGHT FROM THE START.

To advance young animal rearing practices through research, education, and product development:

  • Optimize growth & development of young animals through research, product development and management recommendations.
  • Support, training, and education to livestock industry partners and their producers.
  • Connecting on-farm practices with academia.
  • Market educational opportunities to young animal ambassadors.


Our Products at Grober Nutrition

Grober Nutrition is unique in the industry. We have taken the European basics, adapted these to North American requirements and advanced the technology to reflect the nutritional needs of current young animals.

Unlike most other milk replacer manufacturers our experience comes not only from science, but also from the practical day-to-day raising of calves. Within the Grober Group of Companies, we raise more than 100,000 calves annually. Our experience reaches beyond nutrition to include housing and husbandry.

Milk Replacer, whether for calves, kids, lambs or other young animals, offers sound, dependable and consistent nutrition. In most commercial settings, drawing milk from bulk tanks/individual cows can vary in macro and micro nutrients from one batch to the next. Protein, fat, vitamins and mineral levels can vary in whole/waste milk. Whole/waste milk often contains more water or lactose. By feeding milk replacer, young animals are receiving consistent nutrition. This consistency allows farmers and producers to meet their production objectives for their young livestock.

The following explains the various components of Grober milk replacers and provides some explanation as to why each nutrient is important to the growing animal.

Proteins used at Grober Nutrition

Protein is essential for young animal growth, immunity and development. Proteins are large molecules made up of combinations of individual amino acids. Grober Nutrition formulates milk replacers based on the optimal amino acid profile to support growth and development.

Grober Nutrition uses dairy co-products as its primary sources of protein. Whey, whey protein concentrate and skim milk powder are most often used to provide the protein and the lactose required for milk replacers.

Energy (Fats)

Energy equals calories; young animals require calories to grow and develop. Grober Nutrition milk replacers are formulated with optimal ratios of protein:fat to suit production objectives. All Grober Nutrition formulas meet the nutritional needs of the calf as described by the National Research Council. Formulas with optimal ratios of protein:fat will maximize uptake and growth.

To ensure maximum digestibility, Grober Nutrition selects a combination of fats. Moreover, the fats we chose offer a unique fatty acid profile designed to optimize growth in young animals and potentially offer anti-microbial characteristics.

Grober Nutrition uses only edible grade fats. Edible grade fats ensure that the product does not contain “free fatty acids”. Free fatty acids can become rancid causing an off-taste and potentially limit digestion and utilization by the animal for growth.

Aside from edible-grade fats, Grober Nutrition uses lactose to impart energy into its milk replacers. Young animals have limited gut enzymes but they do have lactase; lactose can be broken down into simple sugars and used as a readily available energy source.

Vitamin and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals used in milk replacers need special consideration. Grober Nutrition uses a premix specifically manufactured for milk replacer; the solubility of these vitamins and minerals ensure good mixing and suspension. Polymer coatings extend the longevity of vitamin strength, giving Grober products increased shelf life. In certain formulations Grober uses chelated minerals, including the organic selenium, Sel-Plex® from Alltech

Putting it all together

The ingredients in milk replacers are important. Of equal importance is the way in which milk replacers are put together. Grober Nutrition has developed unique and patented manufacturing processes.

With over 30 years of experience in the milk replacer industry combined with our expertise in calf raising, we are confident that our products offer value and performance.