Built by a Farmer, for a Farmer. The history of Groff Ag becoming one of the leading farm equipment manufacturers in the industry. In the late 1970’s, Jerry Groff, a farmer in Imperial, Nebraska, was frustrated with the inconsistency and accuracy of available fertilizer application equipment. Retreating to his farm shop, Jerry began designing and building his own double disk fertilizer opener that would swivel and mount on the parallel linkage on his planter. Over the next several years his neighbors began asking him to build them one as they recognized the success he was having with his crops. Accurate fertilizer placement was the key to Jerry’s “new” planter attachment and it wasn’t long before more and more farmers and equipment dealers across the state of Nebraska began ordering his fertilizer application equipment.

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Nationally (across the country)

In 1984, Jerry improved his fertilizer attachment by changing the mounting bracket from the parallel linkage to the face of the planter row unit and naming it the “Row Flex Placer” as it flexed with the planter row unit. This change not only improved the accuracy of the fertilizer placement, but allowed the addition of a row cleaner on the same mounting bracket. This compact attachment led Groff Ag to being recognized as one of the best farm equipment manufacturers in the industry and Groff’s dealer network began to grow. This network was again expanded in 1991 with the appointment of Imperial Marketing as a distributor for the Southern States.

Rapid changes in tillage practices again sent Jerry to the drawing board in the early 90’s as farmers needed a row cleaner that moved trash and not dirt. After several months of design and redesign, one was selected for testing. On January 30, 1993, this design, along with three competitor row cleaners was tested. Video tape soon proved the Groff Ag finger row cleaner design was far superior to any on the market at that time.

Immediately after this test, patents were applied for and the factory was geared up to begin production. Sales began in the spring of that year and have continued to grow every year. Groff received his US Patent on March 12, 1996.

A small privately owned company, Groff Ag, LLC continuously upgrades its products as technology advances, and is expanding its market area as word of mouth spreads. Jerry Groff continues as the Chief Technology and Engineer leader for the company that bears his name.

Often copied, but never duplicated, Groff Ag, LLC continues to be one of the leading aftermarket farm equipment manufacturers.