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  • Articulated weed cutter

    Articulated weed cutter

    CHASSIS: Built in SAE 1010 steel of 5 y 6 mm. thick, with transverse and longitudinal nerves welded electrically in controlled atmosphere with MAG-MIG system. Lateral and articulated wings allow to copy the land blemishes up to 20 degrees up or below. TRANSMISSION: Cardan with safeguard, bevel gear case chrome-nickel steel forged, carved, quenched and tempered, working in oil baths, giving it durability.

  • Model AVG 120 - AVG 150 - AVG 200 - Weed cutter

    Model AVG 120 - AVG 150 - AVG 200 - Weed cutter

    Height adjustment using extensors with possibility of placing hydraulic cylinder of remote control. Single piece casing of steel sheet. Frame extra-reinforced, integrated to the casing. Compensation parallelogram of the spear hitch. Coupling cardan with clutch. Cardan movements protection and clutch to prevent accidents. Cut minimum of 30 mm. up to 400 mm. maximum. Cut blades of steel double-edged. Set square Box of gears of steel of high resistance...