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  • Grouner - Model 1938 - Sprinkler

    Grouner - Model 1938 - Sprinkler

    Sprinkler of medium discharge, for complete and part cirle operation. It is equipped with different interchargeable nozzles and an adjustable jet - breaker providing and uniform distribution of water all over the irrigated area. The great simplicity and the large versatility are amongst its main features, in fact, it can be applied to all kinds of land and cultivation.

  • Grouner - Model 2001-R - Sprinkler

    Grouner - Model 2001-R - Sprinkler

    Discharger of a full irrigating  circle, simple and adjustable for middle and high pressures that turns round normally, in a full circle or in any presettled section. The butterfly is mettallic.  It is supplied with different sizes of nozzles of water, designed for irrigation of square areas, as well. It has an ardinary and smooth rainfall in all the length of the jet of water. It is recommended for the irrigation of great areas.

  • Grouner - Model 343 - Sprinkler

    Grouner - Model 343 - Sprinkler

    Full circle and section irrigation sprinkler. The jet of water is adjustable to obtain uniformity in rainfall. Suitable for all cultivations. It is available with five different size nozzles.

  • Grouner - Model 471 - Sprinkler

    Grouner - Model 471 - Sprinkler

    Full circle and section irrigation sprinkler with one nozzle. Suitable for any kind of cultivation. The butterfly is metalic. It achieves perfect water distribution.

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