GrowPact helps to achieve better yields by making proven growing technology accessible for farmers worldwide. GrowPact delivers all the necessary tools and knowledge you need during cultivation process of young plants. All the smart technologies that exist in the high-tech machines we produce, are now available in fully manual machines! In collaboration with our partners we can also provide a turnkey project for the process up to an abundant harvest. GrowPact is the solution to start or improve your own small or medium-sized vegetable production.

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Mijlweg 18 , ‘s-Gravendeel , Zuid-Holland 3295 KH ‘ Netherlands

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We offer Smart-Tech

GrowPact chooses smart technologies at the lowest possible price. By simplifying our growing technology, we can offer a ‘basic total solution’ to meet the quality requirements and gain the efficiency, necessary to improve the cultivation of young plants.

Together we grow!

Finding a solution for every situation is a challenge! We have to collaborate with local partners to make sure that we will succeed in the mission we have. Starting or improving a young plant nursery needs support to translate the Dutch knowledge to the farmers. Local partners will have a crucial role in this translation.

GrowPact will supply the tools and knowledge to the local partners, who in their turn can help the farmers get acquainted with the new methods and techniques.

From Seed to Crop. We can offer you a turnkey project in collaboration with our partners!

Smart-Tech is:
  • Low investment
  • Fully manual application
  • Minimal electricity use
  • Integration of proven growing technology
Successful growing for everyone

Everyone deserves access to an abundant harvest. The increase of the world population, results in an  increase of demand for quality food. We believe that accessibility will create possibilities. GrowPact helps to improve cultivation of young plants in a basic and easy way.

The result: more food with better quality!

Creating access to good quality young plants worldwide!

The cultivation of young plants is the most important phase of the cultivation process of any plant. If anything goes wrong during this phase, the young plants will constantly encounter problems during the entire process. In the end this will result in lesser yields.