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  • Greenhouse and Storage

    Together with our partners we developed a special greenhouse and storage. Depending on your requirement we have different options for the greenhouse. The greenhouse is sustainable, strong and conform to Dutch standards. The storage contains a special climate control system to optimize the germination process.

  • Storage Container

    Storage Container

    2 x 40 ft containers. Construction above the container.  Air conditioning / climate control. Solar energy / aggregate. Storage / office

  • Seeding Essentials

  • Rootcages


    for optimal growing conditions for the young plant and easy transplanting

  • Trays


    for optimal efficiency and optimal growing circumstances!

  • Cassette Plates

    Cassette Plates

    Insight into stock retained of seeds. Seeding of the 162/50/28 and 18 tray is possible!. Seeding can take place elsewhere. Easy to use!. The use of a compressor is sufficient

  • Transplanting Machine

    Transplanting Machine

    The transplanting process is really important for any plant. With GrowPact you can easily transplant your plants into bigger pots.Thanks to our manual tray popper, transplanting was never this easy!

  • Other Products

  • Watering Boom

    Watering Boom

    The GrowPact watering boom has been designed to provide uniform watering results and is easy to operate. Efficient watering is highly important for a uniform crop and long term sustainability. Therefore GrowPact supplies everything you need to water the product with clean water and smart, efficient technology.

  • Grow Box

    Grow Box

    for optimal efficiency and optimal growing circumstances!