Gruppo Manara

Gruppo Manara

Since always, Manara Group has highly regarded the needs and requests of its customers. First of all, it has enhanced research in order to innovate its products and guarantee a larger choice. A scrupulous control is made on the whole supply chain to guarantee the highest quality. Contracts are extremely clear and prices are transparent. The Group has invested substantial capital for advanced logistics, which make seeds and technical means available in the right place at the right time, within the time period prescribed. The Group knows how to move in the concrete reality of the customer, detecting his specific needs. It is able to correctly interpret the problems of customers, providing expert advice and prompt replies. Such a highly personalized relationship has always been the very mission of the Group, now favored also by the extraordinary interactive potential of the web.

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Via Cadalora, 62 , Oppeano VR , 37050 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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  • Selection of winter cereals seeds.
  • Varietal research and development.
  • Seed dressing advanced systems.
  • Multiplication agreements and contracts.
  • Certification laboratory.
  • Selling products for agriculture, horticulture, and plant nursery.
  • Qualified technical services.
  • Assistance in the field.
  • Specific training for farmers.
  • Production of rapeseed and sunflower oil through hi-tech
  • processing facilities.
  • Production of energy  from rapeseed and sunflower oil.
  • Supply chain and energy crops cultivation contracts.
  • Production of press cake for the livestock sector.
  • Pressing of oilseeds on behalf of third parties.
  • Drying and storage of cereals, maize, soybean, sunflower,
  • and rapeseed.
  • Purchase and marketing agreements.
  • Supply chain contracts for waxy and alimentary maize.

1954 Together with his wife Luigina, in the village of Ca’ degli Oppi, Luigi Manara starts to trade agricultural products, in particular common-variety seeds and, soon after, further home producted ones.

1963 Luigi Manara, with the collaboration of the agronomist Lionello Dusi, set up a new company named Sementi Elette Verona (SEV, Verona Selected Seeds) to spread local winter cereals seeds, both common and home producted, all over Italy.

1980 Inauguration of drying and storage process for maize and soybean.

1981 The new corporate headquarters are built on a plot land of 81000 square meters, which were bought at the edge of the village some years before. In the same year they purchase a 55-hectares farm for seeds development and variety testing.

1992 The direction of the factory farm passes to the sons Luigi, Fabio, and Luciano.

2000 The production exceeds 100000 quintals.

2007 The SEV gets the historical trademark Produttori Sementi Verona (PSV, Verona Seeds Producers) and the production reaches 350000 quintals. Thus, Manara Sementi SEV becomes the leading Italian producer of seeds for winter cereals. Moreover, they purchase the corporate center of Vigasio, with a storage capacity of 150000 quintals.

2009 Manara corn starts being exported to Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Greece.

2009 Revision of Manara Sementi (Manara Seeds) trademark and creation of Manara Energia (Manara Energy) one, representing the new challenge of the Manaras in the field of renewable energy.

2010 First attendance at Fieragricola 2010 and presentation of the new Manara Sementi trademark on the occasion of the new Sementi general catalogue’s distribution.

2011 Image renewal through the presentation of Manara Group and its four divisions:
Manara Seeds, for winter cereals seeds;
Manara Energy, for the production of rapeseed and sunflower plant oil;
Manara Agrosupplies, which deals with technical means marketing and support services;
Manara Drying and Storage, which concerns multiplication and supply chains contracts and the commercialization of cereals and corn.
In the same year, improvement and renewal of the phytosanitary products storage and introduction of a barcode optical scanner system aimed to speed up the service for the customer at our head office and to optimize deliveries.

The solid experience of Manara Group takes root in the core of the peasant culture to which the founder, Luigi Manara, belongs, together with a sixty-years long activity based on a series of successful business ventures aimed at the creation, conservation, and commercialization of the strongest and most productive seeds. Now, more than ever, Manara Group is able to stand by cultivators and face any kind of problems concerning cereal production in the best possible way.

Innovation has always been one of the main strengths of Manara Group. In its sixty-years long activity, the Group has been able to innovate its product, creating stronger and more productive new varieties; it has built more and more technologically advanced facilities for drying, storage, and energy production; the administrative reorganization has turned Company into a Group of four divisions which are synergistically linked with each other; computerization and telematic development have made the control and monitoring of the whole productive thread possible and more adequate.

The activity of Manara Group has always operated under a strict rule of transparency. That means two things: visibility in every stage of production, thus the chance of continuous controls on the whole production chain, aimed to furnish a rigorously certified product; clarity of contracts, with comprehensive clauses and clearly defined prices. The customer who interacts with the Group always gets all the information he needs to make effective evaluations and to plan his own activity in the right way.

Manara Group is vivacious and dynamic. It constantly pursues technological, logistical, and computer innovation. It is always in the search of the most rational and effective production shape and of products of increasingly better quality. Already leader on the national market, it is attentive to detect and realize the opportunities arising abroad.