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  • Grain Grading Equipment

  • MCi Kicker - Dockage Tester

    MCi Kicker - Dockage Tester

    The MCi Kicker is a mechanical dockage tester used by grain handlers to determine dockage and foreign material, and should be operated in line with GIPSA/FGIS commercial guidelines The MCi Kicker is designed to provide a fast, accurate and consistent way of obtaining the following separations from most grains: shrunken & broken, overs/scalped material, clean grain, broken kernels, splits, aspirated material, dockage or FM and greatly reduces hand...

  • Seedburo - Filling Hopper and Stand

    Seedburo - Filling Hopper and Stand

    Meets the specifications of the USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) for official inspection. The filling hopper is heavy gauge brass spinning with a slide gate valve for instant release of grain. The opening is a standard 1 1/4' diameter. Adjustment of the hopper can be made to the proper 2 inch height above any cup.

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  • Closed Circuit TV Systems

    Closed Circuit TV Systems

    Our custom systems use a combination of the most quality components that are known to work well together and provide reliable solutions to your monitoring problem areas. Flat panel color monitors. Heated camera enclosures to eliminate lens fogging up. Multiple mounting options.