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  • Gumusdoga - Fish Feed

    Gumusdoga - Fish Feed

    Gümüşdoğa Feed., provides wide selections products to producers with produced fish feed. Gümüşdoğa is leader in Turkey as fish feed factory. According to the customers’ needs; our company can provide special alternatives such as coloring feed, winter feed, close-up feed. Feed production facility in Milas / Muğla, which has the biggest manufacturing capacity in Turkey, Specialized staffs with high...

  • Gumusdoga - Off-Shore Caging Fish System

    Gumusdoga - Off-Shore Caging Fish System

    Gümüsdoğa A.Ş., with its specialized staff and high technology, has an uncompromising approach about its quality from hatchery to the customers. Our company is the leader in feed production in Turkey, and spread its production all over the country in order to help to improve the agriculture-based industry.