We at Gylling Data Management (GDM) create, market, and support ARM software for managing and summarizing agriculture research experiments. ARM saves time creating trials, analyzing data, and producing the many reports required for successful and timely trial management. ARM is a recognized and respected standard throughout the crop production and protection industry. ARM is used by thousands of researchers in 80 countries worldwide (more than any other integrated research trial management software).

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Gylling Data Management, Inc. (GDM) has been in business since 1982. Our clientele are people involved with conducting and managing agriculture research.
  • ARM (formerly called Agriculture Research Manager) has 'grown' from our first product, which was initially released in 1982. ARM versions are identified by year, such as ARM 2015, identifying the research season for which the version was prepared.
  • ARM ST (Summary Across Trials) is a multi-trial summary option that is based on a program first released in 1986 (formerly called Summary Across Studies). 
  • ARM Tablet Data Collector, our newest product, is a Windows 8 tablet computer running ARM with special tablet features for touch-based entry, direct photo capture, and reading GPS coordinates. 
  • ARM TD (ARM Trial Database) is a relational Access database for storing and retrieving trials.
ARM was the first software to export and import data using the 'Electonic Data Exchange' format defined by the National Agricultural Chemicals Association (NACA) in the 1980s and to adopt 'Standardized Agricultural Research Terminology' proposed by NACA for describing research trials. The software also supports the governmental requirements and guidelines of several countries for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Experimental Practices (GEP).