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  • Agriculture Research Managing Software

    Agriculture Research Managing Software

    ARM is software for establishing, managing, and summarizing of herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, seed/variety, fertilizer, general non-chemical, nematicide, and plant growth regulator research trials. ARM manages agriculture research trials throughout the entire research season, and is most beneficial for field and greenhouse researchers. It is designed to manage and summarize on a single-trial basis.

  • Version ARM ST - Summary Across Trials Software

    Version ARM ST - Summary Across Trials Software

    ARM ST (Summary Across Trials) is an add-in option that fits into an installed ARM program. This valuable tool combines and averages similar assessments in ARM trials across locations and years. ARM ST helps researchers average and report similar trials conducted at several locations, or multiyear trials. Because ARM ST uses the ARM interface, an experienced ARM user can readily learn to use ARM ST. Product managers can use ARM ST to average results...

  • ARM - Tablet Data Collector Software

    ARM - Tablet Data Collector Software

    The ARM Tablet Data Collector (TDC) is a Windows 8 touch tablet computer plus the Tablet Data Collector add-in running within ARM version 9.1 or newer. Use the TDC to record all trial information at the trial site directly into the actual ARM trial.

  • Trial Database Software

    Trial Database Software

    ARM Trial Database is a relational Access database for storing and retrieving trials based on standard ARM “GDMdef” study definitions. ARM directly exports and imports trials in the database, and Microsoft Office™ products can be used to build customized reports for trials extracted from the database. ATD stores all information in an ARM trial, making the database a convenient long term repository for trial...

  • Statistical Handbook Software

    Statistical Handbook Software

     In 2014 Gerard de Kerchove (author) and Andrew Norton of PDM Associates (editor) published the 2nd Edition of their very popular book A Statistical Handbook for Agricultural Field Trials Specialists. The handbook is updated with features new in ARM 9, such as the additional experimental designs and significance levels. The statistical handbook uses a logical and understandable way to describe the basic statistical elements affecting field trials...