H.E. Anderson Company Manufacturer and supplier of professional grade water treatment equipment including complete injection systems, chemical pumps, controllers, and chemical monitors. H.E. Anderson Company has always been a family owned company and is now run by H.E. Anderson Jr. Our manufacturing plant and headquarters is located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The facility has been moved three times in its history but has been at its current location on Anderson Drive since 1963. All products are manufactured and assembled in our plant and sold through our network of distributors. H.E. Anderson does sell to customers directly for OEM applications or when no distributor is available. H.E. Anderson Company has been producing the most reliable and accurate chemical pumps in the horticulture industry.

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2100 Anderson Dr. , Muskogee , Oklahoma 74403 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)

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H.E. Anderson Company was founded in 1955 by H.E. Anderson Sr. He began designing and building his inventions in his garage. Eventually H.E. Sr. outgrew his garage which led to the creation of the H.E Anderson Co.

Our experience assures we will be available to help in the future as well. Anderson Injectors are world renowned for their reliability, accuracy and unmatched quality. Many customers have Anderson Injectors that are still operating after 30 years. We take quality control very seriously. Our belief is that the cost of a quality injector up front will save more long term than purchasing a cheap injector over and over again. If you are looking to buy rest assured you will get a time tested design that we are happy to stand behind. If you are already an owner then we would like to hear about any concerns you might have.

Product History

Anderson's original product was a mechanical device to chart water flow which made detecting water leaks very easy. The first successful product was a hypo-chlorinator named the R20 Chlorinjector. It was a water powered positive displacement chemical feed pump to purify water. It was very successful because there were no good alternatives at the time. Many different sizes of water powered pumpers hypochlorinators were manufactured. Then, using the time tested pumper, an electronic system was designed eliminating many moving parts and further increasing dependability and reducing costs. The J Plus Ratio:Feeder® is the latest generation of this technology. In December of 2010, a new larger pumper size known as the H8 was introduced. Check our website for many great new products to come.