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  • Ratio:Feeder - Model J Series  - Injection Systems

    Ratio:Feeder - Model J Series - Injection Systems

    J Series Ratio:Feeder Injector Systems can inject almost any liquid chemical into a water line at a set ratio. Most common uses include fertilizer injection, acid injection for pH stabilization, chlorination, and sanitization. All J Series Injectors can be configured to pump multiple chemicals or solutions at different ratios. Systems can be configured to work with flows ranging from 1/4 gallon per minute to 10,000 gallons per minute. Common injection...

  • Ratio:Feeder - Model D Series  - Injectors

    Ratio:Feeder - Model D Series - Injectors

    The DB & DD Series offer an inexpensive way inject almost any liquid into a water line at an adjustable ratio. Built with the same quality and pride as the J Plus, these pumps will inject one chemical up to a 1:100 ratio with models rated for 20 or 50 GPM. These models feature an adjustable feed ratio which makes fine tuning the injection ratio as easy as twisting a knob. Injectors can be turned down to 1/10th of their maximum feed ratio.

  • Anderson  - Aqua Injection System

    Anderson - Aqua Injection System

    This innovative new system from H.E. Anderson combines time proven hardware with cutting edge technology to create a powerful new injection system which provides even greater control and autonomy than before. The AndersonAqua AAP160D is an inline injection system capable of injecting fertilizer or acid based on measurements from sensors. It can also inject any chemical based on ratio. The system settings and data are viewed and configured through any...

  • Ratio - Model S Series - Feeder Injector

    Ratio - Model S Series - Feeder Injector

    The S Series injector is a self contained water meter, valve and pumper. It does not require any electricity to run. A measuring chamber measures water flow and opens an internal valve to power the pump. The injection ratio can be changed by using the control shaft on the pump head. It works with any H.E. Anderson pump head. The units simplicity makes installation and operation a breeze.