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  • Model 22 to 42 - Live Bottom Bulk Boxes

    Model 22 to 42 - Live Bottom Bulk Boxes

    The HF Stewart live bottom bulk box is designed for the agribusiness that needs to haul large amounts of potatoes and other agricultural product. The unique design of the live bottom bulk box means a greater payload, less maintenance and greater reliability. Potatoes coming out of the live bottom bulk box will be bruise free and drivers will not have to get inside to clean.

  • Pull Type Harvester

    Pull Type Harvester

    The HF Stewart harvester is light weight and designed for the smaller potato grower in mind. The harvester is very maneuverable because of the rear steering and has few moving parts.

  • Model 45 - Foot Telescopic Bin Piler

    Model 45 - Foot Telescopic Bin Piler

    The HF Stewart bin piler is a standard product that is competitively priced. The bin piler comes with variable speed and options can be added.

  • 3 Level Screen Sizer

    3 Level Screen Sizer

    The HF Stewart screen sizer comes with standard equipment for easy repairs and maintenance. The screen sizer is also very accurate at sizing washed and dry potatoes.

  • Steel Drum Washer

    Steel Drum Washer

    The HF Stewart steel drum washer makes potatoes come out bruise free and clean. The steel drum washer has no drum chains to wear out or cross contaminate the potatoes. The washer also operates quietly.

  • Set Loader

    Set Loader

    The HF Stewart set loader is designed for high capacity tonnage. The set loader is easily moved to the left or the right and can be adapted to other operations on the farm. The set loader is designed for 6 row planters.

  • Even - Flow Hopper

    Even - Flow Hopper

    The HF Stewart Even Flow Hopper's Ultrasonic boom makes for automatic hands free filling of the hopper.