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  • Medium Pressure Skids

    Medium Pressure Skids

    Starting with a 55 gallon tank up to a 500 gallon tank, mounted on a heavy duty metal frame, we provide Honda engines and Hannay hose reels matched with Udor diaphragm pumps.  We configure the skid with multiple tanks for multiple pumps and reels.  These units can be used for spraying small areas or large commercial properties.  They can be useful in a variety of applications, including lawn maintenance, nursery, greenhouse work and...

  • Field Crop Sprayers

    Field Crop Sprayers

    We offer a wide range of tank sizes in a three point or pull type sprayer with booms of any length up to 90 feet.  Forty-five and sixty feet booms are front folded in a compact fashion.  Booms are available in manual or hydraulic fold, either with the tractor hydraulics or on a joystick where one remote works several functions.  Various options are available, ranging from foam markers, electric valves, electric pressure regulators, rate...

  • Hooded Sprayers

    Hooded Sprayers

    Our hooded sprayer is used in plasti-culture to spray between the plastic, killing weeds in the middle. The 110 gallon 3 point is the standard size. Hoods consist of heavy duty string skirt, flat polyethelene top with three nozzles to give double coverage underneath the hood. Features gauge wheels to hold the hood at a certain height to make sure that the operator sprays all of the area in between the plastic.

  • Tracking Wagons

    Tracking Wagons

    Tracking wagons are available where the back wheels will follow the front wheels in a nursery situation for tight turns in corners.  These units are available with anything from a 55 gallon round tank through a 200 gallon elliptical tank.  Options are Udor Kappa 43GR mounted to a Honda industrial engine, 1 or 2 reels can be mounted on the frame, the reels can be manual or electric.  Hose sizes from 3/8 to 1/2 inch, hose lengths varying...

  • Tree and Landscape Trucks

    Tree and Landscape Trucks

    We build it your way!  We utilize top of the line parts and pumps to create the right unit for your needs.  It can be one tank or multiple tanks, pumps and reels.  We build manifold systems for ease of use, along with many other options.

  • Heavy Duty Poultry Quick Wash

    Heavy Duty Poultry Quick Wash

    Our heavy duty Poultry Quick Wash has many features that you will enjoy beginning with our Udor diaphragm pump rated at 46 gallons per minute at 700 PSI. We also offer, on our poultry washer, four side wall nozzles to clean curtains and side walls. Two overhead nozzles on the poultry washer clean ceilings, then invert the nozzles to spray the floor with disinfectant. We use all crimped hydraulic fittings in all of our pressure hoses. 500 gallon...

  • Spot Sprayers

    Spot Sprayers

    This is not your cheap throw away model that you might get at a discount store. These are heavy duty, ready to work spot sprayers for the people who rely on their equipment to work. Spot sprayers are built with the same components that we use in our regular heavy duty sprayers and will give you many years of reliable service. We use Shur Flo pumps in either 1.8 or 3.0 gallons per minute with 15 feet of hose, and a high quality hand gun. Spot sprayers...

  • Pasture Sprayers

    Pasture Sprayers

    Our pasture sprayers are offered in three point or pull type configurations either with booms or boomless. The three point is offered with 55 to 300 gallon tanks and the pull in 55 to 500 gallon tanks. They are mainly used in spraying hay lands and pastures. Many options are available such as electric valves, regulators, spray guns, foam markers, etc.