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  • Cell Packs

  • Self Supporting Cell Packs

    Self Supporting Cell Packs

    Permanently linked pot units that fit  three into our cell pack carry tray snugly, or two into a seed tray (loosely) for ease of carrying but they are self supporting so do not need the support of a seed tray.The upper contours of these cell packs ensure good strength for handling.  Each pack has a smart appearance with rolled down edges and two-level drainage for overhead or sub-irrigation They also have slots to accept carrying handles....

  • Model 4,9 &12 - Modiform Multi Cell Packs

    Model 4,9 &12 - Modiform Multi Cell Packs

    Listed below are the multi cell packs that we supply from Modiform. These packs are slightly smaller than our own packs. We now supply the Modiform range in units of 4, 9,12.  Top measurement of the 4 pack are:- 24.5 x 18 cm. Cavity size 78 x 91 x 71cm . Volume 411 cc, 2 drainage holes per cell. They fit 18 to a Danish Trolley shelf

  • Model 10  - Double Cell Packs

    Model 10 - Double Cell Packs

    Manufactured by Modiform these packs are easily separated into 2 sections each with 10 cells. External measurements 260 x 305 mm. Quantity per Danish Trolley shelf is 16 (single). Packed 150 per case

  • Trolley Trays & Trolley Packs

  • Trolley Trays

    Trolley Trays

    Designed to fit six on a Danish-trolley shelf. Each seed tray holds six inserts of various types. These inserts fit snuggly into the moulded base of the tray giving a smooth upper profile, suitable for mechanical or hand filling. All trays are produced to high standards. Manufactured in our factory at Battlesbridge Essex. Trolley trays are approx. 25% larger than British standard seed trays. Trolley Trays are packed 125 per case. One case of trolley...

  • Trolley Packs Trays

    Trolley Packs Trays

    All Trolley Packs are designed specifically to fit the above Trolley Trays leaving very little room for compost to spill into the trays when filling. There are 5 types. The packs are individual sales units with rolled down edges for safer handling. They are ideal for shop & garden centre sales of high quality plants. In the last year or so they have to be popular for growing vegetable plants. They are 750 packs per case.

  • Square Plant Pots & Carry Trays

  • Model 7 cm - Singles Vacapot

    Model 7 cm - Singles Vacapot

    Individual pressure formed plastic pots. Low priced but attractive square pots. Measurements internal at top lip are- 66 x 66 x 71mm deep Approx.7cm. Packed 1,500 per case

  • Model 15 x 7cm - Singles Carry Tray

    Model 15 x 7cm - Singles Carry Tray

    Carrying trays for (15 x 7cm) singles will ensure the stability of singles pots during production, transportation and marketing. Owing to accurate spacing, very little composts spills between the pots when being filled.  Now produced in one weight only - near to the previous heavy weight version.

  • Other Products

  • Half Seed Trays

    Half Seed Trays

    Half trays fit three into a cell pack carry tray or two into a standard seed tray but in practice many growers use our half trays without the support of any 'outer'. They have two levels of drainage for overhead or sub-irrigation. All edges are rolled down for safety when handling. Half-trays represent one of the most economical containers in which to grow many types and varieties of plants. Half Trays are packed 500 per case.

  • Cell Pack Carry Trays

    Cell Pack Carry Trays

    These trays have been designed and manufactured by ourselves and hold three cell packs or three half trays very neatly. Five trays will fit onto each Danish Trolley Shelf.