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  • Model HF50 - Mini System

    Model HF50 - Mini System

    Our range of Mini Systems are the ideal hydroponic solution for the small-scale farmer or animal owner. The systems provide an opportunity to trial the extensive benefits of fresh barley grass, whilst providing you with a self-sustainable and reliable method of feeding your animals. Our years of experience in growing fodder hydroponically have helped us develop an unrivalled quality of crop that can be achieved all year round. It is important to...

  • Maxi System

    Maxi System

    Maxi Systems are built to exacting specifications at locations that have been approved for water and power supply. Maxi Systems produce high volumes of fresh sprouting fodder and can be erected in locations to optimize the feeding cycles for your farm. With a solid concrete base and metal frame these environmentally controlled growing buildings have a thick layer of insulation within the outer skin of the building. Currently available in 2 popular...

  • Higher Volume Systems

    Higher Volume Systems

    We can design and build a system which suits the requirements of any farm. We are currently in the process of designing larger products to cater for the needs of farms with over 5000 head of cattle in both the Middle East and North Africa, in addition we are in discussion with a major beef producer in the USA to produce 25 tons of sprouting fodder per day.