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  • Model HK1825E - Electric Motor Lawn Mowers

    Model HK1825E - Electric Motor Lawn Mowers

    This is a good value electric mower designed to suit the small/medium garden. Thanks to the heavy duty 230v/ 1800W electric motor, it is quiet and environmentally-friendly. Mowing the lawn becomes as easy as vacuuming. The collector holds 40 liters.  Recommended up to 600 sqmtr (1/2 acre). Cutting height – 15 to 75mm (6 position). Cutting Width – 18”.

  • Cubcadet Mini Rider Mower

    Cubcadet Mini Rider Mower

    Our ride-on mowers are really versatile: They can optionally bag, discharge or mulch the clippings. They are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens where the use of a tractor is restricted by flowerbeds, bushes or other obstacles. They are attractive in design and easy to operate. You can effortlessly mow your lawn sitting down – even gardens with plenty of corners are not a problem. Thanks to their small dimensions they are manoeuvrable and compact and...