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  • Model HT-2000  - Battery Backpack Electrofisher

    Model HT-2000 - Battery Backpack Electrofisher

    We have been asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of listening. Finally, an affordable solution for Electrofishing. The HT-2000 meets and exceeds all aspects of the Electrofishing Guidelines. Battery and electrical circuits are contained in a hermetically sealed, rugged case, integrated on our non-conductive and comfortable pack frame. Our unique telescoping anode pole with crutch-style handle allows hours of fatigue free use … even in...

  • Model HT2000  - Electro Anesthesia System

    Model HT2000 - Electro Anesthesia System

    HT2000 Electro Anesthesia System can be purchased as a stand alone system or as a conversion kit for your existing HT2000 Backpack Electrofisher.  Electrodes can be designed to your specifications to fit any size tank or raceway.  Call for pricing.

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  • Vertical Van Dorn Bottle

    Vertical Van Dorn Bottle

    Our vertical Van Dorn bottle is non-metallic, based on the design of Dr. W. G. Van Dorn of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and is suited for either saline or freshwater usage. The body and drain valves are constructed of durable lexan, P.V.C. plastic or clear acrylic. Closure of the bottle is by means of a messenger from the surface releasing the tension on a latex band and thus pulling the two stoppers firmly into place. The Van Dorn bottles...