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  • Hamilton - Handy Seeder

    Hamilton - Handy Seeder

    The Hamilton Handy Seeder is designed for the grower who wants to get started sowing their own plugs, but does not want the expense of an automatic seeder. Pickup tubes are drilled with holes to suit the spacing of the plug tray. The seeds are vibrated in a stainless steel seed tray and picked up by vacuum on the holes. The handle is then moved from the pickup position to the discharge position, just above the plug tray. A small hole in the handle is...

  • Natural Seeder

  • Hamilton - Natural Seeder - System One

    Hamilton - Natural Seeder - System One

    This entry-level model utilises the same precision seeder used on some of our more expensive seeding lines but fitted with a hand operated mechanism to step plug trays line-by-line under the seeder. Trays are loaded in the front of the machine, and then indexed out by a hand ratchet system. The seeder is synchronised to the ratchet mechanism to seed into each line of the plug tray. This machine only requires a compressed air supply.

  • Natural Seeder - System Two

    Natural Seeder - System Two

    This model has a mechanism to index the plug tray etc. under the seeder for precise sowing of seeds. The mechanism is powered by compressed air and controlled by a microprocessor PLC to synchronise it with the seeder. In operation, the growing container is loaded under the front of the seeder. A microswitch starts the cycle, and the mechanism pushes the tray forward a row at a time, seeding each time until the tray, fully seeded, is...

  • Natural Seeder - System Three

    Natural Seeder - System Three

    This is the top-of-the-line Natural Seeder model, the fastest and most versatile of our Natural Seeder systems. The Seeder and Coverer are controlled by a Microprocessor PLC to synchronise the tray with the Seeder. Set-up times when changing trays are exceptionally fast, and this model will sow all types of tray from plug trays to thin plastic flats and packs. The height of the conveyor is adjustable to match up with most proprietary filling and...

  • MaxiPro - Standard Drum Seeder

    MaxiPro - Standard Drum Seeder

    The Hamilton Drum Seeder is the flagship of our range of seeding machines.  Fast, accurate, and versatile, this compact high-speed production machine is ideal for the grower who needs high output with minimum down-time.

  • Hamilton TEA - Model CUBE2 600N - Transplanter

    Hamilton TEA - Model CUBE2 600N - Transplanter

    The Hamilton T.E.A. CUBE2 600N series transplanter is a radical new development of the XP series of tranplanters, highly user friendly and designed for all sizes of greenhouse. Each head is independently controlled by a sophisticated, but easy to use, computer. It can be constructed with 3 to 10 heads, resulting in the ideal setup for your operation. A four head machine can transplant at a rate of 6500+...

  • Hamilton - Model TEA RAP-XRL - Trimming Machine

    Hamilton - Model TEA RAP-XRL - Trimming Machine

    The Hamilton T.E.A. TEA RAP-XRL is a self-contained trimming machine for plants in pots, particularly nursery stock. Pots are loaded onto the entry conveyor, and are automatically fed onto the cutter conveyor at the optimum spacing. They then pass under the cutter deck, where the pots are clamped, and the plants are trimmed by the cutter, which rotates around the foliage. The debris falls through to the underside of the machine, and the pot is...

  • Multi-Purpose Conveyor

    Multi-Purpose Conveyor

    This useful utility conveyor can be used as a stand-alone unit, or combined with a Drum or Natural Seeder Conveyor. The Watering Bar is a simple, effective method of watering all types of tray. It applies the exact quantity of water you require, precisely where you want it – on the tray – with virtually no run-off. Automatic start/stop and water flow regulation is standard on all models. Water bars are custom made to suit the...