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  • Custom-Made Machines

  • Freesia  - Bulb Planter

    Freesia - Bulb Planter

    This machine on rubber tracks, runs automatically straight over the bed, by means of a laser- steering mechanism. The blade unit opens grooves in the ground while the hose layer unit, lays the refrigeration hoses automatically in the ground. The bulbs  are stored in a container  in front of the driver. In this container, a special chain system grabs the bulbs individually and leads them through the machine sleeves to a soft fall in the...

  • Cubic Box Tipper

    Cubic Box Tipper

    Innovation in the agriculture and horticulture sector: Often, when tipping and emptying cubic containers, the whole content or a big part of it, is tilted over the processing line, in uncontrolled quantities that cannot be processed. However, when using the box tipper products are tilted on the processing line at a constant, dosed quantity and dirt-free! The system in a glance The cubic box containing the products to be processed can be placed into...