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  • Model SA1071 - Grain Auger - Wheatheart

    Model SA1071 - Grain Auger - Wheatheart

    Loaded with features: Capacities up to 3t/minute in 10' tube. 14 GA tube, 7 gauge flight with 1/4' wear-edge sections in critical wear areas. Swing away augers are equipped with 5/16' galvanized steel cable truss system for strength. Equipped with heavy-duty constant velocity (CV) PTO shaft to eliminate vibrations for smoother running and less stress on the drive train. Reverser kit. Spring-loaded safety discharge door on intake hopper guards against...

  • Batco - Model FL: 1535  1545  2435 - Field Loader

    Batco - Model FL: 1535 1545 2435 - Field Loader

    The Batco Field loader has a long, low-profile hopper. Combined with a mover kit, this gives the field loader the ability to reach easily under low silos and field bins. The 1535 and 1545 are both rated at 3t/minute, while the 2445 is rated at 6t/minute. The Field loader offers great capacity as well as gentle handling for your seeds and fertiliser. Batco use only the highest quality belt in their equipment with a life of over 3000 hrs. Batcos conveyors...