Harmon Solar

Harmon Solar is a leading solar panel installation company in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in all aspects of home solar panel installation-from leasing to installing the photovoltaic solar system, and solar panel maintenance. We've been in the energy business since 1975, and are proud to have some of the most experienced solar panel staff in the industry working here. As a family run business, we've been based out of Phoenix since the company was founded. You can trust that when you choose Harmon Solar for your solar panel installation, you'll be getting a level of quality and service far beyond what some of the other national solar franchises can offer--all at a competitive price.

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945 W. Deer Valley Rd., Suite #100 , Phoenix , Arizona 85027 USA

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Service provider
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Energy - Solar Power
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Nationally (across the country)

ot all solar companies are alike. In fact, we think we’re unlike any other solar installer out there. We’re a locally owned, family-run business that’s been around for over 35 years.

In addition to our customized solar systems and personalized service, we utilize a licensed roofing contractor and structural engineer at all of our solar installations. Not because we have to—in fact, neither service is often required—but because we take extra steps to ensure that every job is completed to our highest standards.

Our roofing contractor will inspect the roof and identify any problems  before the solar system is installed, eliminating the possibility of leaks. While a few cities require that a structural engineer be involved with solar installations, most do not. However, Harmon Solar always involves a structural engineer, to identify if any structural problems exist before the installation. If required, structural upgrades are performed to ensure that the solar system install is structurally sound.

No one goes above and beyond like Harmon Solar. Our hard work, superior customer service and passion for creating sustainable energy solutions keep our clients happy—and our environment a better place to live.