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  • Greenhouse - Ground-to-Ground

  • Ovaltech - Ground-to-Ground Greenhouse

    Ovaltech - Ground-to-Ground Greenhouse

    The Ovaltech is our most popular product. It is more adaptable and versatile than gutter connected greenhouse structures. It can change its purpose and function as needed. Ovaltech quonset greenhouse is multi-functional and requires less investment compared to a gutter connected greenhouse of the same size.

  • Cold Frame Ground-to-Ground Greenhouse

    Cold Frame Ground-to-Ground Greenhouse

    Growers often need additional space for crops or a protected area for plants outside the greenhouse production range. The Ovaltech individual tunnel is a quick and economical way to increase the covered area of your operation.

  • Greenhouse - Gutter Connected

  • Luminosa - Model Series 8-9-11 - Greenhouse

    Luminosa - Model Series 8-9-11 - Greenhouse

    Originally designed for tropical climates, the Luminosa is our most popular greenhouse structure, with over 500 acres sold around the world. This northern version offers the same benefits that have made the original Luminosa the preferred greenhouse of top growers such as amazing light levels, superior stability in climate control and improved yields, now with reliable snow load capacity.

  • Luminosa - Model 11-14-16 Series - Greenhouse

    Luminosa - Model 11-14-16 Series - Greenhouse

    Harnois innovates again with the launch of the 16,20 meters wide Luminosa! A bright and optimized multispan greenhouse for vegetable crops grown under tropical conditions. Everything in the Luminosa has been designed to create optimal production conditions. Nothing was left to chance, whether it be luminosity, air volume, usable space or ventilation. Everything has been designed to promote productivity and profitability of greenhouse vegetable...

  • Greenhouse - High Tunnels

  • Model Pro - High Tunnels Greenhouse

    Model Pro - High Tunnels Greenhouse

    Minimum area: 3 bays of 28' x 48'. Greenhouse growers are increasingly looking to high tunnels to protect large crop areas from weather uncertainties. With the multibay TunnelPro, you can:

  • Climate Control

    Climate Control

    Climate control is an essential part of greenhouse management. A greenhouse is a means to create a perfect microclimate adapted to the needs of specific crops, regardless of the weather outside. Centralized management of equipment facilitates precise control of heating, lighting, irrigation and other components of greenhouse management.

  • Lighting


    In temperate climates where sunlight is not sufficient year round for the production of crops that require a long photoperiod, the use of extra lighting is essential. Harnois Greenhouses offers state-of-the-art photosynthesis lighting systems which can influence the yield and quality of plants grown in greenhouses. For each project, lighting needs are calculated accurately and a complete system is provided. We offer several models of lamps with...

  • Rack and Pinion Screen Systems

    Rack and Pinion Screen Systems

    The rack and pinion screen systems of Harnois Greenhouses modulate efficiently and accurately greenhouse climate and create ideal conditions for crops. Whether it is thermal, shading or blackout screens, we offer a wide range of possibilities for all types of culture.

  • Covering


    It is the addition of covering that turns the skeleton of a greenhouse into an environment compatible with the culture of plants. Essential to creating the desired greenhouse effect, the right covering has a large influence on the quality and characteristics of the microclimate the greenhouse will provide. There are three main types of greenhouse coverings: glass, polyethylene film or polycarbonate sheets. Each has its advantages but for economic...