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  • Clod Hoppers

    Clod Hoppers

    Portable two-stage stone and clod separator for potatoes, onions, citrus, and other produce: The Harriston Clod Hopper is designed to provide fast, efficient clod and stone separations for a variety of vegetables or citrus applications. The Clod Hopper is designed to do it all quickly, efficiently in all climates and soil conditions. Vibrating rod conveyer removes loose dirt from the produce. Highly resilient rotating separation rollers reduce...

  • Cup Planters

    Cup Planters

    Harriston Quality, Reliability and Accuracy in a New Cup Planter! Rigid Row Unit: Prevents seed from falling off cup due to opening shoe movement. Floating Shoe: Provides consistent seed depth, adjustable for different field conditions. Short Seed Drop: Assures the best seed spacing accuracy possible in a cup planter! Positive Bowl Feed System: Switch activated, maintains even seed bowl height, unlike gravity systems. Allows more uniform feeding of...

  • Pick Planter

    Pick Planter

    The Harriston Pick Planter is fast, precise, and reliable. The individual row units with walking gauge wheels provide a consistent planting depth. Gauge wheels can have optional 4.80 x 12 tires for sandy soil. The large pick wheels and low drop point mean better seed placement. Row units have Improved cast iron pick assemblies with plastic inserts for less maintenance. A metered feed system provides controls bowl level for less doubles. The solid,...

  • Row Marker

    Row Marker

    The Harriston Row Marker will allow you to pre-mark your fields to speed up the planting operation. They are available in 4,6,8, & 12 row widths. The heavy duty Flexicoil 350lb chisel plow shanks will mark the rows and till in any field conditions. Fertilizer can be applied at the same time and may be placed below the seed for the best utilization. Raven hydraulic drive and mechanical ground drives are available for precise application. Harriston...

  • Cultivator


    You will want to take a closer look at the Harriston heavy duty cultivators. The new design reduces trash build-up and has simple depth adjustment. They are available in 2,4,6,8, or 12 row models and offer many exclusive features and options. They are available with hilling discs, spider, or plow hillers.