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  • Harriston - Clod Hoppers

    Harriston - Clod Hoppers

    One of the world’s finest portable two-stage separators, designed to provide fast, efficient stone and clod separation. Great for any climate or soil condition, this remarkable system gently handles produce and provides exceptional separation capabilities and is now available with the versatile Evolution Table. Available in four different models and with a wide variety of options such as Peg Belt with Blower, SS Ellis Quick Adjust Table, and...

  • Harriston - Cup Planters

    Harriston - Cup Planters

    This simple, proven and reliable design is built with the grower’s needs in mind. Available in widths from 1 to 12 rows, our Cup Planter features a rigid row unit, floating shoe, short seed drop, and positive bowl feeding system, and an extensive variety of additional options such as the GPS-compatible rear steer for better accuracy throughout your field. Ask about our clutch kit for individual row shutoff, with GPS or Manual Switch control...

  • Harriston - Pick Planter

    Harriston - Pick Planter

    The Harriston Pick Planter is fast, precise and reliable, and is complete with a range of features such as individual row units, quick and easy adjustments, large pick wheels and seed hopper, while providing excellent visibility and low maintenance. Available in widths from 1 to 12 rows. Ask about our GPS-compatible rear steer option for enhanced accuracy, and our clutch kit for individual row shutoff, with GPS or Manual Switch control...

  • Harriston - Row Marker

    Harriston - Row Marker

    Speed up your planting operation with the Harriston Row Marker, allowing you to pre-mark with ease. Available in 4-, 6-, 8-, or 12-row widths, this durable piece of equipment features heavy-duty Flexicoli 350lb chisel plow shanks to mark and till in any field conditions. Optional GPS or manual switch controlled row clutches available.

  • Harriston - Cultivator

    Harriston - Cultivator

    Reduce trash build-up with the Harriston heavy-duty Cultivators. Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, or 12-row models, these superior pieces of equipment offer a wide variety of exclusive features and additional options to choose from.