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  • Sprayers

  • TWINFAN - Sprayer

    TWINFAN - Sprayer

    TWIN FAN has been created for dense cultivations (3m) which are quite high (3-4 m), to treat them using air-based methods and increase the treatment speed, thereby saving time and money. The choice of two fans, one over the other, with a speed change for each one, has been dictated by the need to apply treatment efficiently, even at quite high speeds and in the presence of wind, to the tops of trees without having to over treat the first half of the...

  • UNIVERSAL - Sprayer

    UNIVERSAL - Sprayer

    The UNIVERSAL 1000l atmosizer is a simple, practical, cost-efficient and above all effective machine. With a 900 mm diameter propeller, with or without turret, it can guarantee a large amount of air which in turn means high treatment speed or a good ability to oppose any winds that might rise during application.

  • Fruit Harvesters

  • HARTER - Model RAPTOR - Fruit Harvester

    HARTER - Model RAPTOR - Fruit Harvester

    A new conveyor belt system to transport fruit delicately on a single belt as far as the box without it having to move from one belt to another. The fruit does not move once it is on the belt, and individual pieces do not come into contact with ones another until they are placed inside the box. With eight bolts and four snap-on couplings, it is possible to remove the entire harvest belt system, to have a lighter machine during the year. A single...

  • MULE  - Model 160  - Fruit Picker

    MULE - Model 160 - Fruit Picker

    Self-propelled electric or diesel traction platform structure.Two- or four-wheel drive.Levelling or fixed.The MULE 160 self-propelled platform for pruning and fruit picking has been designed specifically for modern, dense fruit cultivation It is an extremely compact machine with a steering angle of 60°, meaning it offers a unique ease of handling.machine has either two or four electric motors (36 V for 1 kW power each) and tubular traction...

  • Electric Trolleys

  • HARTER - Model TYPE 72 - TYPE 98 - Wagon

    HARTER - Model TYPE 72 - TYPE 98 - Wagon

    Wagon for picking fruit to boxes. Equipped with three-phase electric motors and with four solid rubber wheels with tractor profile to travel over slopes with ease. The box is easily unloaded using an exclusive, patented tipping system that places the box on the ground without difficulty and above all without shaking the items inside, which means none of the bruises that affect harvest quality.