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  • Centrifugal Fan Units

    Centrifugal Fan Units

    Available in sizes from 3hp to 50hp. All steel construction with modern backward curved impellers which are statically and dynamically balanced and mounted directly on to the motor shaft. Available with ‘standard’, ‘downdraught’ and overhead outlets, they can be used in a variety of applications where maximum output is required against back pressure of up to 10″ (250mm).

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  • Maxi-Stirrer System

    Maxi-Stirrer System

    Harvest Maxi Stirrers are at the heart of the Harvest High Temperature Drying System. Built into new high tech crop stores they offer high drying rates for all combinable crops. System design matches fans to the Harvest CHC, tunnel size and stirrer capacity to suit the small batch drying system to the largest crop stores with multiple drying systems under one roof. Harvest’s policy of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance ensures...