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  • Harvest Feeder Chain

    Harvest Feeder Chain

    It seems to us that most feeder chains were designed in Fred Flintstone’s day. They are heavy and cause premature wear on the drive mechanism and feeder house bottom. They often wear out sprockets and stretch chains prematurely because of their weight. The slats are virtually impossible to straighten and because they are riveted you are almost forced into buying a new feeder chain every time a slat bends. In 1991 Harvest developed and marketed...

  • Rotary Concaves

    Rotary Concaves

    Although a rotary combine uses a rotor instead of a cylinder and even if the concaves do look a bit different, the concaves on conventional and rotary combines both have to perform the same two functions–threshing and separating. To allow for threshing and separation in different crops you can use wide wire or narrow wire concaves or any combination. Round bar concaves are also available.

  • Cover Plates

    Cover Plates

    To improve threshing HARVEST has a Cover Plate for rotary concaves. These Cover Plates perform the same function as the Filler Plates on conventional concaves.

  • Air Foil Chaffer

    Air Foil Chaffer

    The shoe has the potential of being one of the greatest loss areas in all combines, particularly in small seed crops where the majority of the material comes over the sieves. Sieves, along with shoe shake, are designed to walk the material out the back of the combine, scalping the seeds out as the material shakes across the sieve. The airflow directed to the sieve by the fan is intended to blow hulls, chaff and short straw out of the combine. As you...

  • Harvest - Rotor for Case IH Combines

    Harvest - Rotor for Case IH Combines

    The Harvest Rotor provides a superior, smooth feed with no vibrations or rumble. You will notice an improvement in combine capacity, threshing performance and fuel economy.

  • Sunflower Pans

    Sunflower Pans

    These revolutionary pans bolt directly on to you existing guards. This allows you to use your existing header to harvest sunflowers. Each pan is 9“ wide and weighs approximately 9 lbs. Split pans are available for end placement on your header.

  • Conventional Concaves

    Conventional Concaves

    Imagine taking an engine that was designed to power a tank and using it in a racing car. It wouldn’t have a chance. Now imagine taking a concave that was designed to thresh corn and using it to thresh a crop with small seeds and straw. Regardless of the crop you are harvesting concaves always have two jobs to do. Thresh and separate. Thresh, or free the seeds, and then separate those seeds from everything else that went into the combine along...