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  • HATO - Model CORAX-9-D-WW - Agricultural Lighting

    HATO - Model CORAX-9-D-WW - Agricultural Lighting

    The CORAX: the standard for today’s agricultural lighting applications as confirmed by many users worldwide. This HATO product is applicable to broiler-, layer- and pig- houses. Uniform light distribution and a perfect light spectrum that assures correct light management lead to the prevention of shades, and thus clustering. The CORAX is a 0-100% dimmable, flickerfree product, that increases animal welfare.

  • HATO - Gallilux Meter

    HATO - Gallilux Meter

    The HATO GALLILUX METER measures - unlike ordinary luxmeters - light intensity as poultry perceives it. Gallilux is the unit for measuring light intensity based on the spectral sensitivity of poultry. Poultry is sensitive to a broader light spectrum than humans.The measured gallilux values are always higher than or equal to the measured lux values. The HATO GALLILUX METER enables defining differences in light intensity which are not caused by a...

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  • HATO - Protection Unit

    HATO - Protection Unit

    The HATO Protection Unit is a high performance device for measurement, self-diagnosis and protection of short circuit problems with linear 24VDC LED agricultural lighting systems. It is characterized by its high level of protection, concentrated in a compact housing.

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  • HATO - Floor Housing Consists

    HATO - Floor Housing Consists

    Generally, floor housing consists of a single, enclosed space filled with litter on the floor. Depending on the dimensions of the poultry house, a certain number of feeding and drinking lines are installed in this space. Uniform light distribution is extremely important in floor housing systems, because of the open character. Shadows and bright spots of light should be...

  • HATO - Patio System usually Consists

    HATO - Patio System usually Consists

    The patio system usually consists of two system rows separated by a corridor. The system rows comprise several levels; each level is a miniature version of a floor housing system. Each level contains feeding and drinking lines and is filled with litter. An advantage offered by the patio system compared with standard floor housing systems is the fact that chicks hatch when they are in the actual system. This eliminates the need for transport and...