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  • Haukaas - Bale Grapples

    Haukaas - Bale Grapples

    Maximize space in hay yard, Deer can not climb on top, Net-Wrap does not freeze to ground, Less waste than pyramid stacking, Make mushroom stack 2 bales at a time, Stack 4 bales high in hay shelter, Does not damage net-wrap, No Maintenance.

  • Haukaas - Leveling Shovels

    Haukaas - Leveling Shovels

    The Leveling Shovels slice into, spread out and level mole hills in hay fields. It may be better said that the Leveling Shovels “EXPLODE” and level mole hills in hay fields. With the cultivator set at 3/4” above the ground and the Leveling Shovels come in contact with the ground only when hitting a mole hill. The results will be low power requirements to pull the cultivator, virtually no crop damage and a long wear life on the...

  • Haukaas - Insert Bin Door

    Haukaas - Insert Bin Door

    Easily remove a single load with no mess. Eliminate stuck augers! Use 10” or 12” augers to empty bins. Creates a tighter seal when using aeration. Keeps the rodents out. Optional “Vac” chute.

  • Haukaas - Bale Rack Kits

    Haukaas - Bale Rack Kits

    The bale rack kits are designed to enable a standard 102″ (8′ 6″) wide highway trailer to safely haul large round bales (Pipe Style). The kits are made up of welded sub-assemblies and brackets that have be designed to be easily welded to 2-7/8″ OD pipe (*schedule 40 recommended).  The 2-7/8″ pipe is not provided with the kit.

  • Haukaas - Trailer Conveyor

    Haukaas - Trailer Conveyor

    Central unload for both hoppers. No cross contamination. 17” wide enclosed conveyor with cleanout. Faster than a 10” auger. Does not reduce trailer clearance. Not a hindrance in the elevator. Can be used at harvest. Low maintenance.